Cocktail and Appetizer Events Parties

Whether your planning to host "Passed" Horderves, "Buffet" Style or "Stationed" appetizers or both, we can help make your next event successful and memorable. 

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Appetizers and Horderves continued

"Passed" Horderves or Appetizers


"Passed" refers to having a Waiter or Waitress walk through your event "Passing Out" Horderves to the guests.

"Buffet" Style Appetizers


"Buffet" Style is much like our dinner buffets but will serve only appetizers and small plate foods such as light salads and pastas.  All of the food is generally found in one location that your guests will self serve and are typically not "Passed" or "Stationed". 

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"Stationed" Appetizers


"Stationed" Refers to having more than one location in a room or even multiple rooms having different stations of different types of food or even a mirror image of each other.  Often you will see a dessert table on one side, seafood at another side, and hot dishes served elsewhere.  This promotes shorter lines as well as encourages your guests to walk around and mingle.