Choosing the right Caterer

Choose the Right Catering Service for Your Fundraising Event

When food is a part of your fundraising event you must choose a catering service wisely. How your guests remember your fundraiser will greatly depend on what they thought of the food and service. Those memories, good or bad, will influence them when it comes time to think about attending your next fundraising event. 

How our Fundraising Services can help you and your event.

There are numerous ways that we can be of help with our services.  From Hosting a BBQ Cook Off to selling Boxed Lunches to Catering a "Black Tie" Event.  We are sure that we can make your fundraising event something remembered.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Spaghetti Feed Fundraisers
  • BBQ Cook Offs (We will Host)
  • Wine Tastings
  • Black Tie Events
  • Food Truck Events
  • Boxed Lunch Sales
  • Gourmet Cupcake Sales

How it works

Most of our Fundraising opportunities where we are supplying the food will all work very similar.  We will provide a meal of some kind (you decide which theme) for a pre-arranged fee that you will pay. In most cases your organization or team will pre-sell the food or tickets to the event.

The Markup % that you choose is completely up to you or what you feel that your market will bare. All markup will be donated to your event, cause or organization.  Your personal assigned "Event Coordinator" will be able to help you to determine which type of event will work best for your organization.

BBQ Cook Offs

Two of our Chefs will help by hosting and MC your event and also being part of the judging team.  All of the volunteer BBQ Entrants will supply their own food that will be sampled by the fund raising guests that you invite.  You will charge a cover charge for all attendants.  We will supply all of the BBQ sides in Buffet Style Catering for your guests to enjoy along with their BBQ.

Wine Tastings

We will arrange and work alongside of one of our industry partners to supply your event with wine tasting and food tasting platters that will compliment each style of wine.