"Ready Made" Program Options


What is "Ready Made"?

"Ready Made" was designed for the people on the go that just don't have the time to meal plan, shop for and create a great home cooked meal for themselves or their family.  We have developed plans that can give you back your time so you can spend it on the important things in life and not pushing a shopping cart.

"Ready Made" meals are made daily by our local - Anchorage Chefs and are packaged and freezer ready.  All you do is simply pull it out of your freezer prior to going to work to thaw it and when you or your hungry family gets home just pop it in the oven or crock pot and wallah...Dinner is served!  Some meals come with sides to choose from as well.

Oven and Crock Pot Meals

You can either choose from meals that are packaged and ready to be heated in your oven or you can choose from meals that are crock pot ready that you can toss in before you leave for work and come home to a delicious lunch or dinner.

Types of programs that we offer

"Ready Made" was originally designed to give our customers a night off or two from "Kitchen Duty" so they can focus on other things but we are finding that many of our customers would like to have this service 3 or more days per week. We are able to accommodate from 1 day per week to 7 days per week, the choice is yours.


Once you have decided on the appropriate number of days you would like "Ready Mades" delivered to your home (1-7) per week, then all that you will have to do from there is simply go to our site and select your meals.

We will then set up a time with you to deliver your meals right to your door.

By having a membership, you will receive discounts and also receive our weekly specials that non members are unable to know about.


Our menu will change weekly as our chefs are always cooking up something different for you.  We are also able to accommodate special menus for people with Allergies and special diets such as Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto and Low Carb.  Please let us know if anyone in your home requires a special diet or has specific food allergies.